Where It All Began:

The Namaqua Dog and Donkey Foundation was founded by  Benoni veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Swan who, on a visit to the Northern Cape realised that there were no veterinary services available to the communities and people had to travel for up to 2 and 3 hours to get veterinary treatment for their animals.

Dr. Swan started doing outreaches to the Northern Cape on a regular basis as well as to his local community on Gauteng’s East Rand where veterinary services were also in dire need.

In 2008 Dr Swan passed away and the decision had to be made to either close the foundation or to continue with the much needed work that he had started.

Many calculations were made and after much soul-searching, we came to the realisation that we would not be able to carry on with his work in the Northern Cape due of financial constraints. 

The decision was made to focus our efforts on the local community on Gauteng’s East Rand where there is just as great a need, not only for veterinary treatments, but also for basic pet care education.